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February 1, 2019
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February 20, 2019

5 Books I Recommend You Read This Year


If, like me you spend a lot of time in the car, I’d recommend you use this time to learn. A great way to do this is using audio-books. So, in this week’s video, I share 5 books that I recommend you read this year. Hit play on the video or keep reading!

This is a book that I’ve only just finished listening to and found it extremely valuable. I’d really recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful in business and in sales, and in fact; any walk of life.
David Goggins is incredibly inspirational. He had a difficult upbringing and he discusses these hardships honestly but the book focuses on changing your mindset to achieve anything you want in life, despite your struggles.
Goggins talks about so many things that I think are relevant to sales and business; one of which being an accountability mirror. Rather than blaming someone else for your mistakes or failures, you need to hold yourself accountable for not achieving the things you’ve wanted to. In sales especially, it’s easy to blame someone or something else that’s ‘out of our control’, but actually if we look in the accountability mirror and tell ourselves we could have done things differently, we can learn from it and achieve more.
The second key thing that I took from this book is that you have to repeat actions over and over again in order to get results. Again, this can be applied to sales; we have to repeatedly make cold calls before we can make sales.
So, I really recommend that you start listening to or reading this book. It’ll change your mindset, help you overcome challenges and begin reach your full potential.

Jim Rohn was one of the founding fathers of personal development and training your mind to be in a better position. It’s a book that will inspire you to better yourself as a person. And if you’re wondering who Jim Rohn is, he mentored the incredible Tony Robbins. Rohn talks a lot about building habits and disciplines which I believe is key to sales success.

Sheridan tells a story about in 2008, when the stock market crashed, he and his business partners nearly went out of business because there were no prospects and people just weren’t buying anymore. During this time he learnt some key lessons that I think we can all learn from.
The focus of his book is answering your prospect’s questions with valuable content. Your prospect’s Google questions that they have and if you have the answers, create pieces of content and you’ll prospects will find you. Be seen as an authority and you won’t need to ‘sell’. It’s a simple concept but one that really works.
Weinberg shares a number of thoughts around why sales people don’t get the results the want and it comes down to a number of things they’re not doing; they haven’t got enough prospects in their pipeline or they’re not engaging with the prospect in the right way.
I found this book really engaging and really interesting and it gave me lots of insights into how I can improve the way I do things and I think it will do the same for you.
Phil Knight, for those of you who don’t know, is the founder of Nike. Nike is now a multi-billion pound business but this book starts from the beginning. It tells the story of how Knight began and it will give you hope and inspiration as an entrepreneur. He talks about overcoming huge challenges along the way but achieving incredible success at the end of it. This book teaches you that you can achieve your goals if you keep going and relentlessly work to get there.
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So there are my 5 books I recommend you read this year; take some time to read or listen to them and take onboard the lessons and allow yourself to be inspired by these incredible authors.


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