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June 7, 2017
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December 8, 2017

The Actions You Need to Take to Hit Sales Targets for 2018

So it is nearly that time of the year again. Not only do you need to think about putting the loft ladder up to get the Christmas decorations down (yes I know it only seemed like yesterday) but its also about now when we all start to think about next year. How has this year turned out for you? Had a stellar year? If so then congratulations! What I am about to tell you may not be relevant to you but being honest if you have smashed your targets then your probably in the top 5% of businesses. Research from over 800 Business Accelerator tests that we have had completed in the last 12 months shows that nearly 2/3rds of the businesses who completed the test have not hit sales targets in the last 3 months! This number doesn’t shock me to be honest because so many companies that I talk to seem to struggle with the whole approach to sales. Sales tend to be something they get around to doing when they have a chance and not an area they focus on. This time of year, however, makes us all review what success we have had in 2017 and consider targets that we want to achieve in 2018. So let me ask you 3 direct questions?
James White
James White
James White is the UK's leading prospect conversion expert. He understands what it takes to convert leads into real business within the modern digital era and what it takes to achieve business success.
James White

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