WANT TO UP YOUR Sales Skills?


Are these common problems that you and your business face each day?

  • Do you struggle to convert leads into sales?
  • Do you find it a challenge turning promising opportunities into customers?
  • Do you wonder how to convert more leads into appointments?
  • Do you have challenges converting internet leads into signed business?
  • Do you know how to convince a prospect to buy your product?

I have 22 years of sales experience and I have sold over £100m of products during the course of my lifetime! I have sold so many different products and services over my sales career! Some of these include double glazing, restaurant supplies, shoes, computer networking equipment, training days, complex software systems commercial laundry equipment and even the Watchtower and Awake magazines (ask me about that experience of selling!) and so I know what it takes to sell and how to get sales results! Work with me as a sales mentor and I will ensure:

  • You are in a position to sell yourself. We will work on your confidence and skills so that you can go and get results
  • You have a clear sales process in place and are not trying to sell everything on your first engagement
  • You ask the right questions and use the right initial scripts and outlines with your prospects to build rapport and engagement
  • You are able to handle the typical rejections that you receive from prospects and deflect typical ‘the price is too high’ and other such objections
  • You can build a sales pipeline and then know how to manage the different leads in your sales funnel
  • You are held to account for the actions you take on a daily basis to hit your sales targets
  • You get honest, open and constructive feedback on what you need to do to get results
If you are not getting the results you want or need then you can struggle for a few years to get the sales on board within your business that you need or you can go out and work with someone who has a real desire and passion to help you achieve success. I am not only a sales expert but is someone who will become your friend as a result of the support I provide. Don’t take my word for it though.
James White

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