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December 22, 2018
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Typical Questions I’m Asked as a Sales Mentor

4 Typical questions i'm asked as a sales mentor

I’ve put together a few common questions that I hear from my own prospects and in this week’s video, I answer these questions to give you an understanding of what I offer. Hit play on the video or keep reading!

1. “How much will your services cost me each month?”

I focus the work I do with my clients based on their individual needs and what they do as a company. I provide details on my packages page- here you’ll find that my packages start from £300 a month where I provide monthly, remote coaching via a Zoom call.

My medium package provides you with monthly coaching at your own site as well as a bi-weekly Zoom call. You’ll also receive sales scripts to help you win more business. The cost of this package starts at £1699.

Finally, my top package consists of 2 days of face-to-face coaching with me, plus weekly Zoom calls and also includes custom sales scripts, tailored to you. This package starts at £2899.

Click here to book an initial discussion with me, free of charge.

2. “How do you get results James?”

I get results by learning the ins and outs of your business and why you do what you do. I’ll be honest with you and if I don’t think what you offer is resonating with your target audience, I’ll tell you that. We’ll then work together to identify your niche and define the key problems that you solve for your prospects and ensure this comes across in your sales process.

We’ll then put in place strategies to generate new leads for your business, how to follow up with existing leads and we’ll build your sales process together in order to turn your potential numbers into customers.

The results I get are because I work with you to make that happen. I hold you accountable to put in the work. If you don’t want to get the results, we won’t get the results. However, if you have a passion to succeed, we will succeed together.

3. “What happens if you can’t get me results?”

Firstly, this situation hasn’t happened so far, because I only work for people that I know I can get results for. If we agreed to work together and by month 2 or 3, I felt as though I was unable to get you the results you want, I would tell you so.

Before I did that however, I would tell you exactly what changes you needed to make in your business in order to turn your prospects into customers. Those suggestions would be based on my 20+ years of sales experience that I know works. So, I believe if we chose to work together, we will achieve results. The only way you won’t get the results is if you chose not to act upon the advice I provide.

4. “What do you do differently to other sales mentors?”

The answer to this question is I commit myself to you. I only have a certain amount of time and therefore I work with a select number of clients. I will commit my time to you- I’ll be by your side day-in-day-out. Working with other mentors, you may see them once a month, they’ll do their day’s work with you and you won’t hear from them for another month. That’s not how I operate.

I will be engaging with you most weeks, maybe even every day to keep up to date with your progress and to check in with you. I don’t particularly know how other mentors work, however I do what I do because I know it works and I’m 100% committed to helping you achieve success.

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My approach is to be your partner on your journey. My clients so far have seen great success. So, if you’re interested in working with me, contact me here and I’ll be more than happy to have a chat. Meanwhile, below, you’ll see a few testimonials from my happy customers. (Read more here.)


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